PBBR Celebrates 5 Years with New Site

PBBR Celebrates 5 Years with New Site

Update: This site has been removed. Limited time did not permit operating this site.

Columbus, GA, Jan 24, 2015 (PBBR) - On January 6, Plastic Bag Ban Report (PBBR) celebrated its 5-year anniversary. Five years of reporting on plastic bag bans across the globe.

Along the way, more than 530 reports have been published making us the #1 reference site on the web for plastic bag bans.  As our slogan says, we are Keeping An Eye On Plastic Bag Bans.

PBBR has become a library and repository of information. We built our reputation on publishing only the facts.

To mark the 5-year milestone, we wanted to do something special for our loyal readers. Rather than rebuild the site, we built a new site as a supplement to PBBR.

The new site, PolyLaws.org, was created as a way to refresh our presentation and yet maintain the reporting that you've come to expect. News of plastic bag bans will still be reported but in a new format.

PolyLaws.org will maintain the integrity of the reports of plastic bag bans but has expanded to include other environmental issues related to plastic. You will now find reports on legislation that applies to polystyrene, plastic water bottles, plastic microbeads, and plastic ocean debris.

PolyLaws.org seeks to expand our coverage by adding writers that will add a new depth to our reporting. Based on Long Island, Erica Cirino writes well-researched informative articles on various environmental laws and issues. Other writers will be added to report on issues of environmental importance.

Thank you for the past five years! Our commitment to you is to continue reporting and consulting on plastic bag bans and other environmental issues.

Visit PolyLaws.org