Plastic Bag Alternative EcoPopBox

Plastic Bag Alternative EcoPopBox

The detrimental effects of plastic bags on the environment have been documented numerous times by numerous organizations. Consequently, bans and fees on single-use plastic bags have been implemented in several cities and countries around the globe. It seems to be a sure fact that eventually plastic bags, as we know them, will be a thing of the past.

For environmentally conscious consumers, it is a no-brainer to use an alternative to the plastic bag. Accepting a plastic bag at check-out for their purchases is simply not an option. They have already planned ahead and bring their own alternative with them or simply carry their items in their hands.

Well, now there is a new plastic bag alternative for carrying groceries and numerous other purchases. It is EcoPopBox. Not only is EcoPopBox a feasible alternative to plastic bags, it just makes sense!

EcoPopBox is a box made of polypropylene (PP5) that is lightweight and folds up for convenience. EcoPopBox will hold about the same as four plastic bags making it extremely enviro-friendly.

You can get EcoPopBox in three different sizes.
• 20 liter, available in two colors, 2 inches folded
• 32 liter, holds 40 pounds, available in eight designer colors, 2 inches folded
• 45 liter, holds up to 100 pounds, available in two colors, 2.5 inches folded

What makes EcoPopBox such a great alternative is that it is:
• Lightweight but strong
• Reusable
• Washable (dishwasher- safe)
• Collapsible for easy carrying
• Stackable for easy storage

Also, EcoPopBox can be used for many other purposes. It makes an excellent storage box around your home. It is also great for lawn and garden use or as a storage box in your truck or car. Construction workers love it because it serves many purposes on construction sites.

It is an ideal picnic basket and great for sporting events. EcoPopBox is great for camping, taking to the beach, or using in your office for storage boxes.

EcoPopBox is definitely a revolutionary concept. Learn more at: EcoPopBox

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