Plastic Bag Ban Calendar

Plastic Bag Ban Calendar

Plastic Bag Ban Report just published a 2015 calendar which list all plastic bag bans and regulations due to take effect in 2015.

A handy desk calendar, plastic bag bans are listed by month. An easy reference, the 2015 Plastic Bag Ban Calendar allows retailers and others to be able to plan ahead.

The Calendar is especially useful to chain retailers to be able to ensure compliance with plastic bag laws in each city where a unit is located. Retailers such as supermarkets, cosmetic companies, and mass merchandisers will benefit from the Calendar's monthly listings.

Manufacturers of packaging, paper bags, plastic bags and reusable bags will use the Calendar not only for compliance issues but also as a sales tool to ensure their products are present in upcoming markets which will regulate single-use bags.

There will be 26 new plastic bag regulatory laws which will take effect in 2015 from Hawaii to Maine. That was the number at the time the Calendar was printed. I'm sure there will be more.

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