Plastic Bag Ban Report Expands Coverage

Plastic Bag Ban Report Expands Coverage

New Sections
For two years, PBBR has covered plastic bag bans and related stories across the globe. As we begin our third year, we are expanding coverage to include other environmental issues.

We have added three new sections to the site: Ocean Debris, Polystyrene, and Environment. We feel that, with expanded coverage, we can better facilitate important environmental issues that are long-term projects.

Ocean Debris
More and more each day, we are getting reports that the problem with plastics in our oceans is very severe. New information suggests that more than 80% of ocean plastic debris comes from land-based sources. We will look at this issue in-depth.

Polystyrene use has long been banned by some cities, like Portland, Oregon, but it continues to be an environmental health hazard in most of the world. We will take a look at the issues and also report when new bans are passed.

Environment is a general information section intended to write and report on environmental issues in general. This section will bring you thought-provoking stories, hopefully to spur you into action on the issues.

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