Plastic Bag Ban Repository

Plastic Bag Ban Repository

Continous Growth
Plastic Bag Ban Report began on January 6, 2010. PBBR has grown continuously since the beginning, reporting on plastic bag bans and environmental issues. The site has now become a reference source of plastic bag issues.

Now, PBBR is read by over 7,000 visitors each month in 70 countries(1) around the globe. We use Google Translate for all those countries to be able to read each and every story.

Repository of Facts, Legislation, Stories
With over 400 reports, PBBR has become a repository of plastic bag bans, plastic bag legislation and ordinances, and stories of how and why the legislation came to pass.

There is also reports of plastic bag bans in many countries across the globe. See the section entitled "Countries" to learn more.

Plastic Bag Ban Report has also become a dependable reference source for many leaders in many industries. See "Business Leaders Use Plastic Bag Ban Report".

Take a few minutes to explore the site - or - use the search function.

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