Plastic Bag Ban Starts Wednesday In Wood Buffalo, Alberta, Canada

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo passed a plastic bag ban last December and the bylaw takes effect Wednesday, September 1st, 2010.

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, also known as Fort McMurray, is located in northeastern Alberta, Canada. The area is well known as the 'Oil Sands Capital of Canada' because of large oil sands deposits, also known as Athabasca Oil Sands.

The plastic bag ban prohibits the distribution of single-use shopping bags by businesses that operate within the boundaries of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Also known as the "Single-Use Shopping Bag Bylaw", the bylaw defines "single-use shopping bag" as (i) any bag made with less than 2.25 mils thick polyethylene, including a biodegradable bag; or (ii) any bag made of pulp; used mainly for the transporting of goods from outlet to home, but does not include reusable bags. The city has been heavily promoting reusable bags.

Read the entire "Single-Use Shopping Bag Bylaw".

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