Plastic Bag Laws Proposed in 14 State Legislatures

Plastic Bag Laws Proposed in 14 State Legislatures

April 22, 2013 (PBBR) - 2013 is proving to be a 'legislative year' for possible plastic bag regulations. 22 plastic bag bills have been filed in 14 state legislatures.

Most state legislatures are in session for two to three months each year and now is the legislative season. California legislators meet until August 31st each year and a few other states have sessions of varying length.

With the possibility of being the first state to pass statewide plastic bag legislation, the rush is on.  Currently, Hawaii is the only state in the Union with plastic bag bans in place statewide. However, the bans were passed at the local level by each county, not at the state legislative level.

With the current sweep of plastic bag bans across the U.S. at the local level, State Senators and Representatives have crafted and filed legislative bills that, if passed into law, will regulate plastic bags statewide in that respective state.

Bills range from:

  • banning retailers from providing plastic bags to customers
  • banning plastic and paper bags
  • no ban but imposes a fee or tax on every disposable bag dispensed by a retailer to
  • banning plastic bags and impose a fee for paper bags

And, yes, there is even a bill that would ban plastic bag bans.

Of course, the lobbyist are in full swing to oppose the plastic bag bills.  The American Progressive Bag Alliance weighed in last week on California Senate Bill 405 which would prohibit retailers from providing a plastic bag to a customer.

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