Recycling as Convenient as Plastic

Recycling as Convenient as Plastic

Most disposable plastic can be recycled. Few Americans recycle because it is inconvenient. I fully believe that people would put recyclables into recycle bins if there was a recycle bin handy.

Trash cans are everywhere you go: at the gas station, convenience store, fast food outlets, at the mall, at the park, on the beach. But how many recycle bins do you see? Very few.

We think of recycling as sorting our trash at home and putting recyclables into a blue box at the curb. But that is not all there is to recycling. Some rural cities and counties do not offer any kind of recycling.

At Plastic Bag Ban Report, we feel that recycling should be as convenient as plastic. There should be a recycle bin for disposable plastic readily available any where you go. That means every retailer in America should have recycle bins at the door or somewhere in the store.

Every convenience store and gas station should have a recycle bin beside every trash can. At every park, there should be a recycle bin beside the trash cans. All big box stores should have recycle bins beside the trash cans and maybe a recycling center inside the store.

So many of the products we buy are packaged in plastic. Once the product is opened, that plastic packaging should be disposed of properly and put into a recycle bin.

Part of our mission is to challenge every retailer in America to place at least one recycle bin in every store. Please join us in this mission. Ask the stores that you visit to take the Retailers Challenge.

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