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SAVE Urges Bag Ban For Village of Southampton, NY

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Southampton Advocates for our Village Environment (SAVE) is urging the Board of Trustees to ban single-use bags in the Village of Southampton.

The Village of Southampton is located in Suffolk County, New York, USA, on the southern fork of Long Island. SAVE is the Village’s Environmental Committee.

At the Southampton Village Trustees Meeting on March 10th, Village Attorney Richard DePetris said the draft ordinance was ready. Using Westport, Connecticut’s “Retail Checkout Bag Ordinance” as a model, he drafted the local law from the SAVE Committee’s recommendations.

Westport enacted a checkout bag ordinance in September of 2008. The SAVE Committee visited the town of Westport to see their ban in action.

Members of SAVE stated they had done lots of research. Talking with retailers, the Chamber, and people on the street, SAVE said they had received no negative response to the proposal.

According to Mr. DePetris, the law states, “Any person engaged in retail sales shall only use a reusable bag or a recycled bag”. SAVE members stated that the law excluded things of a personal nature, such as garage sales and non-profits.

Farmers Market and flea markets are included in the law because they are mostly commercial. Furthermore, the law includes all retailers – not just grocery stores.

At the end of the Trustees discussion, a motion was made and seconded to schedule a public hearing for the local law amending Chapter 82 of the Village Code for adding an Article with respect to retail checkout bags. The public hearing will be held on April 14th.

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