Solana Beach, California Bans Plastic Bags

Solana Beach Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance | Plastic Bag Ban Report
Solana Beach, California, June 18, 2012 (PBBR) - The City Council of the city of Solana Beach voted last month to pass an ordinance to ban single-use carryout plastic bags. The vote was unanimous.

The ban will take effect on August 9th of this year for all city facilities, grocery stores, pharmacies, and food vendors. November 9, 2012 will be the effective date for retail businesses and includes all retailers.

According to the ordinance, "retail establishment" means any person, including any corporation, partnership, business, facility, vendor, organization or individual that sells or provides merchandise, goods or materials, including, without limitation, clothing, food, or personal items of any kind, directly to a customer; Retail Establishment includes, without limitation, any Grocery Store, department store, hardware store, Pharmacy, liquor store, restaurant, catering truck, convenience store, and any other retail store or vendor.

A ten cent charge must also be applied at point of sale to each paper bag required by a customer. Only paper bags that are 100% recyclable and contains 40% post-consumer recycled material are permitted.

Solana Beach
Solana Beach is a town of just over 12,000 population located in San Diego county, in the southern tip of coastal California.(1) Solana Beach is the first town to pass a plastic bag ban in San Diego county.

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