Sullie Saves The Seas – A Book Review

Sullie Saves The Seas – A Book Review

When Sullie the Seagull, Goffinet McLaren`s new super-hero, sees that plastic pollution is destroying his precious Turtle Beach, he calls his friends to action.

Sullie and his Secret Society of birds create a fun filled, exciting, adventure that takes aim at specific thoughtless humans who are causing environmental damage to the beach and to Sullie`s ocean pals.

Chapter by chapter, Sullie`s clever schemes deliver a delightful tale that you will enjoy sharing with your children and friends. McLaren`s story targets 8 – 12 year olds, but kids of all ages will laugh with, learn from, and love a savvy seagull`s schemes to save his ocean.

Sullie makes excellent points throughout the book about how humans are the scoundrels that cause marine life to die. With our oceans so polluted from mankind's waste, Goffinet points out that "it is a holocaust of ocean life.

UNEP, the environmental arm of the United Nations, has pointed out that there is now 46,000 plastic particles for every square kilometer of the ocean.(1) The U.N.'s Plastic Ocean Report states: At least 267 different species are known to have suffered from entanglement or ingestion of marine debris including seabirds, turtles, seals, sea lions, whales and fish.(2)

Where does that marine debris come from? The Report further states that around 80% of marine debris is from land-based sources. In other words, we humans litter and then that litter gets into our rivers which flow into the oceans.

Last year, the European Commission stated that there are now some 250 billion plastic particles with a combined weight of 500 tonnes floating in the Mediterranean Sea alone.(3)

I think "Sullie Saves the Seas" is very timely and Sullie points out what humans can do to stop the ocean pollution.  This is an excellent book to use in the education of our children about marine debris and teach the youngsters how to be strong environmentalist.  And I agree wholeheartedly with what Sullie said:  "I want all you birds to take a pledge of allegiance to the conservation of the ocean and to everything that lives in it."

The book is in paperback and available now. Buy "Sullie Saves The Seas"

Note: I have known Goffinet for a little over a year and she is a very dedicated environmentalist. She not only talks the talk - she walks the walk! I had the great opportunity to meet her last year when she arranged for Capt. Charles Moore to speak in South Carolina.


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