Survey Says Most Canadians OK To Ban Plastic Bags

Survey Says Most Canadians OK To Ban Plastic Bags

OK TO Prohibit Plastic Shopping Bags | Plastic Bag Ban Report
Vancouver, Canada, June 14, 2012 (PBBR) - Results of a nation-wide poll conducted June 5th to June 7th across Canada has just been released.

According to the poll, 58% of Canadians support banning plastic shopping bags in their own town or city but 39% are opposed to the idea.

The numbers were closer when asked about a fee on plastic bags. 53% of survey respondents agree with retailers charging customers a fee for each plastic bag required and 46% disagree with a plastic bag fee.

The survey was conducted during the same time Toronto City Council was rescinding their plastic bag fee. It was at that same City Council meeting that Councillors banned Toronto retailers from providing customers with single-use plastic shopping bags.

About the Survey
Conducted by Angus-Reid Public Opinion, a representative national sampling of 1,019 randomly selected Canadian adults completed an online survey from June 5 to June 7, 2012.

The survey is broken out by region: Alberta, Atlantic Canada, Quebec, British Columbia, and Ontario. See complete results by region: Plastic Shopping Bags Survey

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