Target Australia Has No Plastic Bags

Target Australia Has No Plastic Bags

On 1 June, 2009 Target Australia eliminated plastic shopping bags.  The month prior to the ban, the company educated their customers about how to shop without the use of plastic bags.

The customers were trained through the use of a dedicated education campaign, in-store signage, and staff members at the checkouts.  The customers were encouraged to bring their own reusable bag.  If they don't have one, Target will sell them one of their 'Red Bags'.

The 'Red Bag' is a reusable bag and comes in three sizes.  The cost of the 'Red Bag' begins at $1 and all proceeds are donated to two charitable organizations.  Target also sells a compostable bag made from corn starch at a price of 10-20 cents.  The compostable bag is fully compliant with Australian Standard AS 4736-2006.

When Target Australia stopped plastic bags, they stopped 100 million plastic bags from going into the environment.  The elimination of plastic shopping bags was part of a new Environmental Policy launched by Target in May, 2009.

To learn more, visit Target Australia's website.

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South Australia's Plastic Bag Ban

Photo courtesy: Target Australia

2 Responses to "Target Australia Has No Plastic Bags"

  1. Aeriell Nari   2010/11/30 at 3:39 pm

    I applaud Target Australia for their efforts which in the long run will make a huge difference.
    I am a cashier at a store in central California and the farthest we go in urging people to use our reusable bags is giving them a 5 cent discount… FIVE cents?!
    If that’s not ridiculous I don’t know what it…
    Any tips of how I can make my store a more environmentally friendly place would be much appreciated and utilized. Thanks!

  2. Collins Pt.   2010/07/29 at 9:15 am

    Many companies have produced biodegradable utensils. Ecological plates are made from sugar cane and reed pulp. Their producers insist on the fact that they are non-toxic, biodegradable, but at the same time they offer the client the same quality of a normal plate. Cornstarch, grass fibers and wood are two other materials used for the manufacture of biodegradable utensils and biodegradable cornstarch bags.

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