“True reUSAble Bags” USA Made

Provides A Cost-Effective Recycled Solution

Command Packaging's ''True reUSAble Bags'' are the greener alternative to imported reusable bags. Unlike imported reusable bags, “True reUSAble Bags” are manufactured locally here in the USA with water-based inks and no toxic heavy metals like lead, chromium, and mercury. Most significantly, licensed by the CA State Department of Conservation, “True reUSAble Bags” are engineered to reduce plastic waste as a result of Command Packaging's unique closed-loop recycling program. Because “True reUSAble Bags” are manufactured from recycled plastic, these reusable bags help eliminate plastic waste while lowering consumers' costs.

According to recent key findings from the UK Environment Agency, reusable bags made from LDPE and HDPE (True reUSAble Bags' materials) plastic only need to be reused 3-4 times to make the reusable bags green. In contrast, Imported polypropylene (non-woven) bags must be reused at least 11 times and the cotton reusable bags must be reused at least 131 times to achieve the green results.

The full report is available at: http://www.prw.com/subscriber/headlines2.html?cat=1&id=1299071002

Cotton and imported reusable bags may not to be as environmental as we were led to believe. According to CSU Chico's Life Cycle Assessment, 70% of the imported reusable bags that were tested showed positive results of lead and cadmium in the bags. Additionally, the Life Cycle Assessment found that compared to imported polypropylene (PP) reusable bags, domestically manufactured polyethylene (PE) recycled materials used to make “True reusable Bags” were found to have the lowest environmental impacts.

(LCA study can be found at: http://keepcabeautiful.org/pdfs/lca_plastic_bags.pdf)

Pete Grande, CEO of Command's “True reUSAble Bags”, believes, “Many businesses are eager to find a better way of disposing of their plastic waste. We are able to create a meaningful outlet for their post-consumer (PCR) recycled plastic that is currently destined for landfills. In addition, by replacing virgin material with recycled plastic,“True reUSAble Bags” will continue to remain more cost effective compared to imported reusable bags.

Our goal is to divert more plastic from the landfills and manufacture a useful, green product right here in the United States. Our product and program is providing a practical way to change our “use and dispose” culture into a “reduce, reuse and recycle” culture. In addition, we are creating those highly sought after green jobs.”

Businesses interested in ''True reUSAble bags'' can order consumer reusable bag packs through: www.truereUSAblebags.com

For more information about ''True reUSAble Bags'' and the “Bags from Trash” program please visit www.commandpackaging.com/truereusablebags.asp

Command Packaging is truly positioned to help businesses succeed in creating solutions that meet their environmental goals without adding cost.

About Command Packaging:
Founded in1989, Command Packaging has become the leading U.S. manufacturer of carry bags for retailers, grocers, and restaurants. The company prides itself on providing the highest quality and most environmentally friendly plastic bags to the nation's top retail stores and restaurants. Through its subsidiaries, smarterbags™ and Encore Recycling, Command Packaging maintains a steadfast committed to producing bag ban compliant, multiple-use, reusable bags made from recycled plastic. For more information please visit: www.commandpackaging.com.