U.S. Plastic Bag Bans Now 178 and Counting

U.S. Plastic Bag Bans Now 178 and Counting

Columbus, Georgia, August 1, 2014 (PBBR) - As of this writing, there are now 178 jurisdictions across the U.S. that have adopted some type of plastic bag regulation. And, there are at least two dozen more that are considering some type of legislation.

In California, many cities are trying to get an ordinance adopted before September 1st of this year. Just in case the proposed statewide bill, SB 270, is passed, the cities will have their own regulations and will not be subject to the law.

Although SB 270 is not the answer, many think it will pass in the last hours of this years legislature. Learn about SB 270.

In the state of New York, at least eight jurisdictions, including New York City, have discussed plastic bag bans. Watch for our special report on New York here in about three weeks.

The State of Massachusetts still has three cities considering plastic bag legislation and Maine, Connecticut and Illinois all have at least one city with discussions of a plastic bag ban having taken place.

Other states with jurisdictions considering bans are Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas, Colorado, Iowa, and Indiana. That's not all. There are rumors from other states as well.

Within the last two years, more cities are opting to prohibit plastic and regular paper bags. The push is on for citizens to use reusable bags of some type.

Also, in California, plastic bag manufacturers have began making plastic bags at 2.25 mil thickness - just above the law since most ordinances ban plastic bags that are below the 2.25 mil thickness.

Well, cities and counties are getting wise to this fact and many of the newest plastic bag bans are prohibiting plastic bags that are less than 4 mils thick. Furthermore, several cities are now revising their original ordinances to meet this new standard of 4 mils.

The last revision of the List of Bans documented 178 jurisdictions that have either banned plastic bags or require customers to pay a fee if they get a bag from the retailer.

PBBR will keep you updated as new plastic bag regulations are passed.




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