Why Ban Plastic Bags?

Why Ban Plastic Bags?

While being interviewed by a journalist in Africa, I was asked the question, “Why ban plastic bags?”

It was a very good question. I proceeded to explain briefly the following ten reasons why I feel plastic bags should be extinct across the world. I also stated that plastic bags are a great invention. Concurrently, they are one of the most destructive objects in this world.

Why? Because they are a hidden menace to the world’s oceans, rivers, marine life, wildlife, sea birds and to humans. The fact that we as humans refuse to manage disposable plastics has now caused plastic to become part of our very basic food chain.

Just because no one has yet to produce a study showing plastic in humans doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. The world exists off tons of fish harvested each year from our oceans. There are untold amounts of studies by scientist and experts that show that plastic pollutes all oceans, including even the most remote areas, such as Midway Atoll. Those studies and others show that most fish is contaminated by plastic. We eat the fish, therefore, we are contaminated.

You can say that this is just one man’s opinion who is not even a scientist or medical expert. But I have always been taught that you are what you eat. When I was a kid living on a farm, we always had milk cows. We would milk the cows and that is how we got the milk that we drank.

My dad always cautioned me and my brothers to not let the cows eat a specific wild weed that would grow in the fields where the cows grazed. This wild weed was known to us as ‘bitter weed’. When the cows ate this ‘bitter weed’, the milk from the cows would taste as if it had anise in it. The milk was very bitter and we would throw away the milk. It was undrinkable.

This is the same analogy with fish. The fish eat plastic floating in the ocean because they think it is food. Humans don’t know the fish ate plastic so we eat the fish. You are what you eat. One day, studies will prove I’m right – unfortunately.

Visit and read the Top Ten Reasons To Ban Plastic Bags. Although there are others, these are enough to make the point.

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