Will Austin, TX City Council Consider Plastic Bag Ban?

Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell. Author Alan P. Van Dyke. Click photo for permission.
It was reported today in local media that the Austin, TX City Council was considering a plastic bag ban.  However, that is not what the City Council proposed.

Mayor Lee Leffingwell, known to be a strong environmentalist, sponsored a resolution directing the City Manager to determine the cost to Austin taxpayers of processing plastic bags in the waste stream.  The resolution was Co-Sponsored by Council Member Chris Riley and Mayor Pro Tem Mike Martinez.  The resolution was Item No. 79 on the Austin City Council agenda.

The resolution was passed:

The City Manager is directed to determine the cost to Austin taxpayers
of processing plastic bags in the waste stream and report the information to
the City Council on or before September 23, 2010."

As you can see by the approved resolution, there is no mention of a plastic bag ban.  It is a known fact that plastic bags aren't free.  It cost the taxpayers money to process them in a waste facility.  The Council wants to know exactly how much it costs per bag.  The Council wants this information by September 23, 2010.

It has been said that Mayor Leffingwell wants a ban on plastic bags.  After retiring, Mr. Leffingwell was a full-time community volunteer with a focus on environmental causes.  He served on the City's Environmental Board  and was the Board's Chairman for several years.  There are also several local environmental groups calling for a plastic bag ban.

The following is a video report from KXAN TV in Austin, Tx.

Currently, there is only one Texas city that has banned plastic bags and that is the City of Brownsville. Read our report: Brownsville Bans Plastic Bags.

3 Responses to "Will Austin, TX City Council Consider Plastic Bag Ban?"

  1. Pandora   2012/01/31 at 8:23 pm

    We need the plastic bags ban, not only are they a hazard to the environment when made but most of the time people trash them or leave them on the streets. If you care about the planet use reusable bags, Don’t be mad just because your to lazy to buy and remember them.

  2. Brenda   2011/12/14 at 11:53 pm

    DO NOT VOTE FOR ANYONE WHO VOTES TO BAN THE PLASTIC BAGS in the Austin City Council or the Mayor.
    They are taking our rights away.

  3. Brenda   2011/12/14 at 10:46 pm

    We pay taxes, now they want us to pay more to have the FREEDOM TO USE WHAT WE WANT. Is this Russia, Germany I thought this was the USA. More and More they are taking our rights away from us. WE PAY income taxes, city taxes, etc. NOW this.
    City of Austin tells us we have to have our dogs spaded. They have to have chips in them. Lease laws, etc. I thought we were a country of freedom of choice. We want to use plastic bags we should, We don’t want to have our pets spaded we should have that right, etc. All the taxes we have to pay and even more now. This mother nature crap don’t fly with me either. Yes we are to take care of the earth for the future but to much is to much. We shouldn’t have to pay to have plastic bags. They raise all the taxes for everything all the time. I have thought of taking bags I made from home, I have tried it’s a lot of hassle and people look at you like your going to steal.

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